New membership Applications

    The Bellarine Historic Vehicle Club Inc, has a Single Membership protocol available for anyone over the age of 18 years and Membership is by invitation only, as the Club sees this as a way of keeping Membership numbers to a manageable level, and because of this It has been decided to cap our Membership at 100


    If you know someone from within the club then you will need this person to nominate you and you must also be prepared to speak to the committee in support of your Membership application, once the Secretary has issued the proposed new Member with a Membership form this application will then be discussed and voted on at the next scheduled Committee meeting.


    If the Membership application is successful then the applicant will be notified by the Secretary of the result, and if the the applicant still wishes to become a Member then an application is made available and a joining fee must be paid and once received, then a receipt is issued along with a new name badge as part of the joining fees.


    If you do not know a current Member of the Club you can choose to write a letter to the Secretary, explaining why you wish to become a Member of the Club, this letter is discussed by the Committee and if the application is approved then a membership form will be sent out and once completed, and all Membership fees paid this then completes the Membership process.


    A Statement of Expectation is also issued to all new Members as to what the Club believes all Members should aspire to whilst being a current financial Member.


The first step in the process of becoming a Member is to contact the Secretary via

email -